Prayer vigil held for missing Wichita boy

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WICHITA, Kan. A little north of the Chisholm Creek where crews spent much of Monday in the continued search for five-year-old Lucas Hernandez,a group gathered Monday night for a prayer vigil.

Most of the people in attendance don't know Lucas or his family, but they all shared one thing in common: a deep care for Lucas

"I've cried, I've lost sleep," says Kim Ealum who doesn't know the family, but organized the vigil. "I think I've had like two hours of sleep under my belt for last night."

Ealum isn't the only who feels for Lucas' family.

"This whole thing kind of put myself in the place of them and thought, 'if this was me, I would want somebody to arrange this and have community support," she says.

Tips Monday led police to search areas miles from Lucas' home, including Chisholm Creek Park, the Great Plains Nature Center and Glen Dey Park

There is still no sign of the missing boy, but the community has not lost hope that he will be found safely.

"Being that we can't get out and we can't go help search this is the next best way," Ealum says. "Prayer is a very powerful thing and getting everybody together to pray for the family is probably one of the best things we can do to show support for the family."