WPD Chief, Wichita Urban Professionals: 'Working towards progress'

Published: Jul. 12, 2016 at 6:37 PM CDT
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Wichita Police Chief Gordon Ramsay has a made a commitment to make some changes within his department and the community following a meeting with the Wichita Urban Professionals on Tuesday.

Chief Ramsay posted a video of himself and the group on Facebook Live following the meeting.

Ramsay said the changes include working together to create a law for independent prosecutors on officer-involved shootings, implementing cultural competency training, work towards increasing diversity and community policing efforts, and a citizen review advisory board.

The Wichita Urban Professionals shared a similar video on their Facebook page that read, "Working toward progress."

The headway between the police department and the community group come after a protest held in Wichita last Friday where protesters demanded change from the Wichita Police Department.

This also follows police officers shooting and killing two Black men in Minnesota and Louisiana involving. And aftermath that followed in Dallas where a lone sniper shot and killed five police offices, and wounded seven officers and two citizens.

Meeting with Wichita Urban Professionals

Posted by Police Chief Gordon Ramsay on Tuesday, 12 July 2016