Warmer weather brings out more bugs

Published: Feb. 20, 2017 at 10:11 PM CST
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The warm weather is causing one problem to start earlier than normal this year. After Sunday night's rain, there are lots of puddles. Bugs love them, and insects can't get enough of the warm weather. It means insects are already active.

"It's a little odd when, obviously, we shouldn't be seeing things like that in February, but we do any time that we get a few consecutive days of warm weather," said Professor of Biology, Patrick Mathews.

He said the bugs may have been hiding, but the warm weather is drawing them out.

"Now that it's warmer, if there's water that's not frozen, the mosquito larvae live in the water, and when there's no ice on the topping, they can pop out as adults as soon as it's warm enough for them to fly," said Mathews.

Kansans had mixed opinions about the insects popping up around the area.

"They've never really bothered me too much," said Mason Jones. "I'd say I can just kind of live with them."

"I hate mostly all of them," said Kirk Stephens. "They're kind of annoying."

As temperatures cool down, you may see fewer of them.

"If the temperature drops enough, they won't even be able to fly, but they'll still be there as long as it doesn't get below freezing," said Mathews.