Problems with dangerous cold temperatures not contained to outdoors

WICHITA, Kan. The New Year didn't bring any falling snow, sleet nor ice, but the bitter cold temperature was enough to cause its fair share of problems.

Some water on the road created a problem Monday morning with the outside temperature barely hovering about zero-degrees Farenheight.

Leaking water in a northeast Wichita neighborhood, a little north and east of Wichita State University, caused an intersection to get slick and caused a vehicle to slide off the road into someone's yard.

The leak happened in the 2700 block of Fairmount Street. The city sent a sand truck to help with the ice.

It's not just outdoors where problems are happening. When temperatures dip like they have, the problems follow people indoors, especially when it comes to frozen pipes.

Jeremy Cockrum with On Time Plumbing says he's been working until about midnight most nights, repairing frozen pipes. Cockrum says he's had more than 30 calls in a single day."

"It's just one call after another," he says.

Cockrum says in some homes, furnaces are down, causing the pipes to freeze.

"People are finding broken areas in the side of their house that they didn't know about before that is letting cold air in and freezing pipes that normally would not freeze," he says.

Cockrum says homes with older pipes are more prone to see them burst, but any pipes, even new ones, can freeze.

One easy way to avoid pipes freezing in your home is to let faucets run just a little.

"Letting a faucet or something drip overnight is way cheaper than having a burst pipe or needing your pipe thawed," Cockrum says.

On average, he says a single burst pipe will set you back several hundred dollars.

"It's not cheap and it's not warm to work in either," Cockrum says. "And usually, if you got a burst pipe, we're going to be getting wet."

Another piece of advice, Cockrum says, is to make sure there is no way for cold air to get into your home's crawl space. If you find a hole or weak spot, make sure you insulate it immediately.