Website sells personal items of Hesston shooter

A website is selling personal items that belonged to mass shooter Cedric Ford.

Ford shot and killed three people inside Excel Industries in Hesston where he worked last February.

Ford was served a protection order from his girlfriend earlier that day. An autopsy showed Ford was high on methamphetamine and alcohol when he went on his shooting spree.

It's a day many will never forget. Now those survivors and the Hesston community have to relive what Ford did through a website that sells what it calls "murderabilia." These are personal items that once belonged to people who committed the horrible crimes.

Former Harvey County Sheriff T. Walton said he is horrified by what this website is selling.

"I find it disturbing, disturbing that someone would want to elevate Cedric Ford to some kind of famous level by having something that belonged to him with what he caused to so many other lives," said Walton.

I reached out to the owner of that website to understand why he sells items that belonged to suspects.

In a statement, Eric Holler, owner of the website said, "That is their right to be upset, after all, that's what makes this country of ours so great.' Holler said. "We are free to openly voice our opinions and/or dislikes without fear of reprisal - just as we are free to own and operate a legal business."

Besides Ford's clothes and jewelry, the site is also selling Ford's 2005 MTV VMA's Award all access pass. Holler questioned how, what he calls a "career criminal," was able to obtain the pass.

Walton said his heart goes out to those forever changed by that day's tragic events.

"My feelings go out to those people that were so involved and victims of this crime," Walton said.

Holler said he never discusses where he gets items, or where the money goes.

He said there is a disclaimer of authenticity on the website, showing the items belonged to someone close to Cedric Ford who gave the website permission to sell them.