Western Kansas toffee business sees nationwide success

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MODOC, Kan. (KWCH) In the tiny community of Modoc, Kansas, west of Scott City there's a special place helping make people's lives a little sweeter.

A cancer diagnosis in 2009 was the catalyst that eventually led Tonja Williams to start up Tonja's Toffee, "People would say this is really good, you should sell it and I kind of had just ignored them and thought its just something I always do for my family" said Tonja, "It was always my favorite Christmas candy, just a lot of really good memories growing up with my mom when she would whip up a batch."

The toffee sales within Scott County helped pay for her plane rides to Houston for treatment. Seven years later, Tonja's toffees and peanut brittle she makes out of her home are now sold in small shops around Kansas including a few in Missouri and Colorado, "Every year gets a little bit bigger as the word gets out, Christmas is always a big candy season," said Tonja.

Nearly five hundred pounds of toffee have been made just this month much that has been shipped out nationwide and even out of the country.

Tonja said she has big aspirations for her growing business, "I guess in some ways I'd like to see it be a part of the Scott County community providing jobs for some people."

But no matter how big her business grows, Tonja said she'll always include a little reminder of where it all started, "A lot of people ask me where's Modoc? It's a fun little farming community lots of good people we just wanted to include it in the label because it has really special fond memories for us."