What NOT to do if you have the flu

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Eyewitness News is committed to tracking the flu as it continues to be an epidemic in Kansas.

From flu shots to tips at home and work, we've told you how to avoid getting the flu.

But if you do catch it, what should you do?

Experts at Via Christi Health’s Wichita hospitals have put together these tips to help you fight through the flu.

Don’t use the nasal spray flu vaccine: Only injectable flu shots are recommended this flu season.

Don’t take antibiotics: A virus causes the flu, and only antiviral medications can treat a virus. Antibiotics treat bacterial infections.

Don’t lie flat: With symptoms like high fever, aches and chills, resting during the flu is very important, but lying down makes it harder on the lungs. Propping your head up will make it easier to clear the lungs.

Don’t take a cold shower to reduce fever: Taking a cold shower or ice bath to reduce the flu actually has the opposite effect. Instead, lukewarm water can help break a fever.

Don’t go to work: Returning to work with the flu puts those around you at a higher risk of contracting the flu. The CDC recommends that people not return to work until they have been fever free without the use of medication for 24 hours.