What is the "Three Percenter's Club?"

Published: Oct. 17, 2016 at 10:17 PM CDT
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According to the FBI, the three men arrested for the bomb plot in Garden City were part of the "Kansas Security Force," which has ties to the national movement known as "Three Percenters."

According to the man who runs the Facebook page for "The Three Percenters Club," they have no association with that group or those men.

The group said theit name comes from the three percent of American colonists who refused to surrender weapons to the British during The American Revolution.

Scot Seddon, who runs the Facebook page, described three percenters as a group wanting everyone to get along.

"We have plenty of brothers of all races, colors in our organization, and we don't tolerate racism, hate," said Seddon. "Anybody who does that in our group, we close the door real quick."

People of all races are allowed to join, but Seddon said they don't have many Muslim people in their group.

"Honestly, as a movement we do have a fear of these people being in this country," said Seddon. "The majority of these terrorist attacks are done by Muslims, not done by the three percenters, not done by anybody in our movement."

While there are many "three percenter" groups, he wants everyone to know, they are not all associated.

"We stand clear and wide from any organization that is any radical," said Seddon. "We're a group that is a law-abiding...we stand with law enforcement."

He said the group stands for the constitution, and they aim to help communities when there is a crisis.

Seddon said the three men from Kansas are not in their club.

"Guys like that, we don't tolerate," said Seddon. "If they're doing something that stupid, putting their energy into trying to lower yourself to the level of a terrorist, you're not gonna be a part of our organization."