What's next for your eclipse glasses?

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Around the country, they caused a frenzy as everyone rushed, waited and even paid some good money to get their hands on a pair of eclipse glasses. But now that the eclipse is over, what should you do with them?

Photo: Grand Canyon National Park / CC BY 2.0

Before you just toss them aside, we found a couple of ways your glasses could still be put to good use.

1. Save them. The next total solar eclipse won't be for seven years (2024), but NASA says your eclipse glasses are likely good for forever. They must have been made by one of the 12 eclipse glasses makers that meet the requirements of NASA and American Astrological Standards. Some glasses do have an expiration date written in fine print. If you choose to save yours, remember to store them where they won't get scratched or bent.

2. Donate them. is organizing a program to collect the glasses and ship them to South America and Asia for the next solar eclipse in 2019.

3. Recycle them. If you plan to recycle your glasses, be sure to cut out the lenses and toss them first. Earth911 reports the lenses may be able to be recycled with camera film. So, you might try to contact a local camera shop.