White school glue shortage hits Wichita

Published: Feb. 23, 2017 at 9:46 PM CST
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You may have heard of a substance, very popular among kids right now, called "slime".

It's easily made by mixing a few simple items, consisting mostly of Borax detergent, water, and the key ingredient... Elmer's school glue.

The "slime" is so popular right now, that stores across the country are having a hard time keeping enough of the glue on their shelves.

"We've had such a large uptick, that we are not able to keep the supplies on our shelves," says Dillon's Assistant Store Manager Laurie Street. "People are coming in asking for glue, and we can't get it in from our warehouse."

Dillons tells us its warehouse is out of Elmer's Glue, as it's seen a 150% increase in sales over the past three weeks. The company says the shortage is a trend nationwide, and that they are trying to get more of the glue right away to respond to all the need.