White nationalist posters found on Kansas State campus

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) (WIBW) The leaders of the Kansas State student government issued a statement condemning the white nationalist propaganda that popped up at the university on Wednesday.

The university is speaking out about the posters found.

The Manhattan Mercury reports that university spokesman Steve Logback says the posters that appeared Wednesday don't reflect Kansas State values and are unwelcome.

Calling the flyers "hateful" and "arrogant," Student Body President Jack Ayres and Vice-President Olivia Baalman said they were "appalled by the hate contained in the posters and other propaganda found on our campus this morning."

Ayres said in a tweet that the student government is organizing a demonstration. He wrote there is "absolutely NO place for this on our campus."

Student Seth Peery called the posters "heartbreaking" but "not entirely surprising." He says not enough has been done to promote "understanding and empathy regarding racial diversity."

The university also found several racist messages on campus during the spring semester, including a noose hanging in a tree.

"Our campus is not perfect, as none are, and we will not stay silent against actions like these. We will strengthen from this, together, united as a K-State Family," Ayres and Baalman concluded.

Kansas State denounced the posters and created two new diversity and inclusion administrative positions over the summer.