Wichita Animal Services issues advisory after bat tests positive for rabies

(Source: Landis Linda/Facebook)

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) The City of Wichita is warning residents in one neighborhood that rabies could be on its doorstep.

The city sent out a "rabies advisory" to residents in Riverside stating that bat recently tested positive for rabies in the vicinity of the 1100 block of N. Perry.

Just last Friday, a K-State Veterinarian said everyone should beware of bats this time of year after one found in a Manhattan home tested positive for rabies.

Rabies is caused by a virus which can infect warm-blooded mammals, including humans. It's found in the saliva of a rabid animal and is transmitted by a bite or possible contamination through an open cut.

The Wichita Police Department's Animal Services warns pet owners to make sure their animals are vaccinated against rabies. They also say you should keep dogs in a fenced yard, keep cats indoors, enjoy wildlife at a distance and immediately report any animal showing signs of abnormal behavior to (316) 350-3360.