Wichita Community Foundation accepts near-$7-million gift

WICHITA, Kan. The Wichita Community Foundation accepts the largest gift it's ever received in its 31-year history. The foundation received the $6.9 million estate gift from Jayne Milburn, a prominent Wichitan who the foundation says was involved in many civic organizations in the city before her death last year.

The money gifted to the Wichita Community Foundation will now be dispersed to four non-profits: the Wichita Art Museum, the Wichita Children's Home, the Wichita Symphony Society and Botanica.

"The great thing about this gift is that it's endowed, which means it will go on forever and ever," Wichita Community Foundation Communications Coordinator Mary Hetherington says.

Hetherington says the foundation is excited to be trusted with the stewardship of Milburn's estate and is looking forward to seeing what the gift allows the benefiting non-profits to accomplish.

"It's been a huge blessing for us," she says.