Wichita Fire Dept.: WFD truck in music video used without permission

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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Update Jan. 12:

The Wichita Fire Department confirms it has closed out its administrative investigation and concluded a WFD truck used in a music video in October was done so without permission.

Wichita Fire Marshal Stuart Bevis says a police case was made, but no charges were filed.


Original story from Dec. 15

The Wichita Fire Department has launched an investigation into how a truck was used in a music video which the department says is "not consistent with the mission."

The music video in question was uploaded to Youtube in late October and is by rappers Bluescrilla and cousin PJ. It appears to have been shot in different Wichita locations, most notably outside a Wichita fire station with a fire truck in the background.

At one point during the video, one of the rappers is shown inside the fire truck.

The language used in the music video is obscene, and some are wondering why the fire department allowed its property to be used in this manner.

Fire Marshall Stuart Bevis says the department is investigating but is unable to release more details because it involves personnel.

"Unfortunately in this incident and similar, where our facsimile, our vehicles or whatever are utilized in a way, that's not consistent with the mission of the Wichita Fire Department and the City of Wichita. That's very disheartening to us and that's not what we're about and that's not what we want the public to see either," said Bevis.

But rapper P.J says they don't understand the backlash.

"Even if they don't like it which I don't know why, it's not like I was vandalizing the fire truck, it's not like I was trying to take something from the fire truck or anything, everything stayed there so it's really no big deal we just used it as a prop to get more views which it worked," P.J said.

Bevis says the department has to approve and vet anytime someone wants to use their image or property. He says they'll take steps to ensure something like this never happens again.

"One of the biggest things is making sure our staff is aware of policies in place or making sure to see if there are other policies that need to happen," said Bevis.

Bluescrilla on the other hand says he's happy it's brought their music some attention.

If you don't like how I write my lyrics, that's just me but this is just one song. there's more to it," Bluescrilla says.