Cat rescued from from Arkansas River home with owners

Beauties and Beasts

WICHITA, Kan. UPDATE 10:00 a.m. February 10

According to Beauties and Beasts, the cat was taken to the Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital with a severely broken log, frostbite, and hypothermia.

The group says that because of the severity of the break, the animal's leg has to be amputated.

It was discovered that the cat had a microchip and his owners were contacted. The pet is now safely home with the owners.

The owners say the cat has a history of getting underneath cars and that may be why he was on the overpass.


The Wichita Fire Department Thursday rescued a black cat from the Arkansas River.

The rescue effort was captured on video by a Wichita-area animal rescue group, Beauties and Beasts, Inc.

Randi Carter with Beauties and Beasts says her group was made aware of a cat on the ice after someone saw it and posted it on Facebook.

The Wichita Fire Department was called.

Carter says she thinks someone threw the cat off of Kellogg because it had been sitting on the ice injured, unable to move.

Carter says the cat's back legs were injured, possibly broken.

Beauties and Beasts took the cat to a local veterinarian for x-rays and treatment.