Wichita Fish Company takes advantage of Small Business Saturday

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) A Wichita company says it needs as much help as it can get from it's seafood lovers.

The longtime owners of Wichita Fish Company, Larry and Judy Towns, have been serving Wichita for decades. Now, they're asking the community they love for help.

As Larry was diagnosed with prostate cancer and has congestive heat failure.

The couple is behind in medical bills and taxes for their business.

"Its just been hard," said Neeley Towns, daughter of owner.

"This time of year always slows down a little bit, but we can't get ahead because we are behind on everything," said Neeley.

Loyal customers say they will continue supporting their favorite fish spot, especially on Small Business Saturday.

"Even today, we said if we can come down and help them out by having good food, it is a double win," said Randal Atkeisson, long time customer.

Neeley says she is trying to keep her dad's hard work and pride going and is determined to save their business.