Wichita native helping lead Toronto Raptors on NBA Finals run

Wichita The Toronto Raptors are one game away from it's first NBA Championship in franchise history and Wichita Native Adrian Griffin is the lead assistant coach for the team.

Before Adrian Griffin was a lead assistant for the Toronto Raptors, and before he played in the NBA for more than six seasons, he was a star athlete at Wichita East High. His former teammate David Ricks says Griffin was always a special player.

"Just to know that you played with a guy like that was a year older than me, and we thought the world of him he was was our best player so if anyone was going to make it you kind of thought he was going to make it," said Ricks.

David Ricks played with Griffin more than 25 years ago when East High won a state championship. Ricks says watching Griffin's career has been inspiring. Ricks says Griffin didn't take the easy route in his NBA career and now he's one win away from an NBA Championship.

Former teammate Darius Buggs say's he's not surprised the success the Toronto Raptors is having on defense against the Golden State Warriors all thanks to Adrian Griffin. Buggs says Griffin learned the value of defense all at Wichita East High School.

"Man we were bread to to play defense because a lot of us were under-sized we were all undersized and so we had to do something special or something different because everyone was able to run and jump but can you guard somebody," says Buggs.

Buggs is a coach himself in Oklahoma City and knows how important this moment means to Griffin.

"It's been special that all of us wanted to remain in the game in that capacity because we felt like we have something to impart into the next generation," said Buggs

Ricks says it's an opportunity to make Kansas Proud and he knows if Griffin pulls off another win, Wichita will have a huge celebration in Adrian's honor.