Wichita Police Department launches 'swatting alert system'

Published: Aug. 23, 2019 at 3:34 PM CDT
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Approaching two years since a prank 911 call led to the fatal officer-involved shooting of a 28-year-old Wichita man at his home, the Wichita Police Department announces a new system to address crimes like this.

In March,

Friday, the WPD announces the launch of a swatting alert system it says "can be used by anyone concerned they may be a victim of a swatting attack."

Swatting is a crime most closely associated with online gaming, but police say, anyone can be a target of the false calls made to elicit a heavy law-enforcement response. In the December 2017 case in Wichita, Finch was not involved in gaming, but an argument between online gamers ultimately led police to the address where he lived.

Earlier this month,

The caller from outside the country called police to identify himself as "Kyle" and to tell police that he shot his father multiple times."

Armed police arrived at the home of 16-year-old Kyle Giersdorf, but learned the call wasn't legitimate before the response escalated.

With the new system implemented in Wichita, police say "citizens now have the ability to create an alert for their address that would be made available to responding officers."

"This alert would not minimize or slow emergency services but rather would create awareness for officers responding to potential swatting incidents," Wichita police say.

If interested in taking the measure to help safeguard your home from being a target in a swatting call, you can fill out an online request form by visiting any area police station or visiting the

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