Wichita Police Foundation works to equip more WPD officers with trauma kits

The Wichita Police Foundation organizes an effort to help officers with the city's police department be as prepared as they can be in emergency response.

The foundation this week is providing the Wichita Police Department with 40 trauma kits, featuring life-saving tools officers can use to treat injuries when responding to calls.

"Trauma kits are incredible, life-saving tools. And it came to our attention that not all of our police officers have them, (it's) not something each of them are able to carry," says Becca Boldra with the Wichita Police Foundation.

Boldra says the group became aware of the need for more officers to have trauma kits last fall. The foundation launched a campaign to put together the 40 kits planned for distribution Thursday.

Ultimately, Boldra says the Wichita Police Foundation would like to see all of Wichita's officers equipped with trauma kits.

"These kits can be used to save the life of police officers or community members," she says. "So, regardless of who they're responding to or who needs it, we want them to have in their hands equipment that can save lives."

Monday, several community members gathered to write letters of encouragement to officers that will be included in the trauma kits they receive. Boldra says the letters add a personal touch to items that can help these officers save lives.