Wichita Public Schools resources encourage learning after school

WICHITA, Kan. - The Wichita School District is working to encourage learning beyond the normal school day.

The Homework Hotline now offers video chat for students to get help on homework after school. USD 259 started the Homework Hotline three years ago, offering help over the phone or through email. This year, the district added a video chat option through the Zoom app. Teachers working the Homework Hotline say it's made the hotline even more successful.

"It's the first time we've been actually able to talk with the kids face to face and see what they're doing and they can see us modeling the programs," says Tracy Callard. "It's been a tremendous upgrade... it's been very helpful and the kids really seem to like it."

Ben Reed oversees the Homework Hotline. He says teaching methods change, and can make it hard for parents to help their children with homework. He suggests parents use the hotline to learn for themselves, and help their children on future homework assignments.

USD 259 also released its first "Growing Up WPS" video in January. The district says the series aims to give parents ideas on how they can work on learning at home. The videos are primarily for parents of children 4-8 years old and give tips on developing math and reading skills.

Superintendent Dr. Alicia Thompson posts readalong videos on the district's social media pages as well. Reed says all these programs work toward the district's goals.

"We really want to see those graduation rates increase, and this is just one of those components where we can provide those supports, those scaffolding supports to help our students be successful both here, and also be ready for post-secondary education," Reed says.

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