Wichita Public Schools responds to questions, concerns after bus crash

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) After a Wichita school bus crashed near Emporia on Wednesday, many of you reached out to us with questions. You wanted to know why the district allowed the field trip and after the crash, why it took so long to notify parents.

We took those questions to Terri Moses, Wichita Public Schools' Director of Safety and Environmental Service. She says she knows the concerns parents have after the bus crashed, and she wants to reassure them that their children are the district's top priority.

"The children's safety is our primary concern and matching that with the needs of an education. We take that into consideration for making our decisions," says Moses.

As for the decision that allowed the field trip to take place. She says the district will be evaluating the process.

"We have a weather team process, that kind of analyzes the information that we've received from a variety of sources to make those decisions. This is a combined decision, parents made the decision to send their students as well as our decision to making to continue to have it," Moses says.

What about communication after the accident happened? Weren't parents contacted immediately?'

"​You're dealing with a situation that's not here, that's dealing with a large number of people," says Moses. "Accuracy was so very hard to get a grasp on. So, one of the complaints we heard was that we didn't get information out soon enough, I want to assure people that we were working hard to make sure that the information we provided was accurate."

Moses says after the crash, counseling services were made available to students to help them deal with the traumatic experience.

Ultimately, she says the district will continue to respond to parents' questions and concerns.

"If somebody has a direct question, they can feel free. We have a communications department that accepts questions on a regular basis, we'll be happy to communicate with them."

Wichita Public Schools says if you have a student in the district, make sure all student and parent information is correct and up-to-date in their system in case of an emergency, such as this.