Wichita YouTube star pays it forward for Christmas, buys cars 'in spirit'

Published: Dec. 24, 2019 at 5:27 PM CST
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A Wichita man whose gained celebrity status with his popular YouTube channel,

recently surprised some strangers to help make their Christmas a little merrier.

For Tyler Hoover, the Christmas spirit took over with his decision to spread the wealth. With nearly 20 vehicles already in his collection featured in his online videos, Hoover saw an opportunity to pay it forward.

When going out to buy more vehicles recently, he not only handed over the cash, he also gave back the keys.

"You can keep the money; you can keep the car, the title. I just want to own it in spirit," Hoover says during one recent vehicle "purchase."

For his latest automotive adventure, Hoover visited with five car owners who thought they'd be getting rid of their ride.

"There was a little bit of holiday cheer going on there, but I also wanted to tie it into my YouTube channel where I go review cars, buy the cheapest broken car, whatever car I can find. But I have so many cars right now; I just couldn’t keep any. Why not buy it, do a mini-review on it, see what it’s like and just give it back," said Hoover.

When Hoover handed them money and didn't take the vehicles, the gesture caught people off guard, with sellers appreciative and surprised by the generosity.

"A lot of them were going to pay it forward," said Hoover. "The first young guy that I gave money back too, he had flipped his way from a go-cart to a car and was trying to get himself into a usable car, so now that’s going to go a long way to get him into a car he can actually drive without fear of blowing up."

In all, Hoover handed out nearly $5,000 to the five people he surprised.

Hoover says he hopes the gesture of buying vehicles "in spirit" can be a gift to brighten the holidays and, in a small way, change lives.

Hoover said, "It’s just me, going full out as crazy as I could but then spreading a little holiday cheer as well."

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