Wichita bars expect packed house for AFC Championship game

Published: Jan. 18, 2020 at 10:25 PM CST
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Chiefs fans aren't the only ones getting ready for the AFC Championship game.

Many Wichita bars are prepping for large crowds Sunday as the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Tennessee Titans.

Pumphouse assistant bar manager Cade Nolte says people come at least two hours before kickoff for good seats.

"Get here early for sure, we have a lot of parties trying to come out here, a lot of people are trying to make reservations, we can't accommodate it. We can only hold so many people, but we know it will be a packed house tomorrow, " said Nolte.

He suggests people who decide to drink, plan a safe ride home.

One Chiefs fan says she's going to watch the game at home with her family and two dogs- KC and Chief.

"When I used to take them for walks all the time, people would always make fun of me for naming them that, but now everyone's like that is so awesome because we're doing so well now," said Lindsey McColley.

With so much excitement surrounding the game, Nolte says win or lose, fans should be a good sport and be respectful to staff members.

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