Wichita black-owned businesses report recent increases in support, customers

Published: Jun. 19, 2020 at 11:09 PM CDT
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Across the U.S. many black-owned businesses report seeing more support in recent weeks amid protests calling for equality and reform.

Eyewitness News on Friday spoke with two black business owners in Wichita who say they've noticed the same kind of increase.

"Over the last few weeks, we've seen an increase in followers on our social media channels. On Instagram, we gained 1,000 followers in one week. We've seen increased traffic on our website, as well as purchases, said Jenny Dawn Cellars Founder and CEO Jennifer McDonald, the first black commercial wine maker in Kansas.

She said she especially appreciates the community support after working 27 consecutive days.

Wichita Cheesecake Company owner Mark Daniels said on Friday, he sold out of cheesecake within hours. The already busy business also reported recently seeing more customers than usual.

"We've seen an effort where people have come to the business, not only to patronize, because it is a black business, but also because it's the only dedicated cheesecake business in the city," Daniels said.

While he, too appreciates the support, Daniels said he doesn't want the color of his skin to be the reason for his customers' support.

“I don’t think people should support just because you look one way or another,” he said. “In the end, we’re all people. They should support what they like, and I hope that whatever brought them here, they find it’s enjoyable and a good experience and they come back for those reasons.”