Wichita businesses dealing with last minute Super Bowl rush

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Time is running out for people to get their Super Bowl food and drinks and local businesses are felling that rush of last minute purchases before kickoff Sunday.

Derilyn Johnson, CEO of Pam’s Chicken with Things said, “So far we’ve got about 10 or 12 pre-orders at almost 100 wings a piece. Already. And we just expect it to get worse and worse throughout the night.”

Local store owners and managers are feeling the rush as Wichitans try to buy their game day must-haves before Sunday's big game.

Ethan Beale, assistant manager of ABC Wine & Spirits said, “Definitely, I’d say it’s up quite a bit, more than an average Saturday, definitely.”

“This will be my busiest day of the year, my busiest day of the year, guaranteed, no ifs, ands or buts. And it’s been the whole weekend,” said Johnson.

“I feel like it’s been busiest as the night goes on. We’re definitely selling a lot more beer, kind of the Chiefs wine, we had a few commemorative bottles, we’re sold out now," said Beale. "So they get that stuff quick.”

It's no surprise that food and alcohol businesses have seen an increase in sales, but one thing they haven't seen with other Super Bowls is excited home team fans.

Johnson said, “It’s already more this year than it was last year and I believe it’s because the Chiefs are going to be in the big game.”

“Oh yeah, people shouting ‘Go Chiefs’ oh yeah. Chiefsmas Eve is what we’re calling it," said Beale.

Businesses that aren't even open on Sundays are opening just for last minute Super Bowl customers or calling in more employees to deal with the rush.

"We have everybody working tomorrow, the whole crews going to be in here, everybody that works for the company is going to be here,” said Johnson. “We’ve got Sams to set aside 50 cases of wings to make sure we don’t run out tomorrow and we have probably 15 cases on hand just to already start out in the morning at 11 o'clock.”