Wichita city officials invited to White House meeting on Monday

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell and Utilities and Public Works Director Alan King have been invited to participate in a meeting at the White House on Monday.

Longwell released the information during his weekly briefing on Thursday.

He did not give many details but said the 10 a.m. meeting would focus on the new infrastructure plan.

"It's a great opportunity for Wichita to get engaged in some issues that are important to both Wichita, the State of Kansas and, quite honestly, all of the U.S.," said Longwell.

The mayor said President Donald Trump would be present at the meeting. He said he expected there to be a press conference following the meeting. He also said he and King would bring back more information after the trip.

"We think that it's a great opportunity and certainly it's nice that we have friends in Washington that now know where Wichita is," said Longwell, "and we think we can be a part of that discussion and part of the solution to help bring more opportunities to Wichita, Kansas."

Longwell said this will be his second trip to the White House. The first was a tour. It will be a first for King.

The two city officials will head to D.C. on Sunday.