Wichita couple donates $100K to Kansas Food Bank

A Wichita couple donated $100,000 to the Kansas Food Bank, as part of Eyewitness News’ virtual drive for the organization during May.

Ed and Jane Frederick saw what was going on in their community and decided they had to do something to help.

Ed Frederick owns Buckley Roofing, which constructed the roof for Wichita’s new baseball stadium and Exploration Place. Frederick is retired now, his wife Jane volunteers at the food bank, and they wanted to give back.

“Over my career, I’ve been very fortunate. I needed to pay back to the community, which I’ve grown up in,” said Frederick.

It’s $100,000 of their own money. Frederick said he invested early in stocks, and he and Jane are grateful to do well enough to give during this time of need.

As a small business owner himself, he said he is worried about the many people who are out of work.

“In my eyes, it’s the employees. Buckley Roofing and all small businesses need to survive because of the families they employ. It’s just devastating to so many people when they lose their jobs. Making this donation to the Kansas Food Bank gives them the basics and food, so that’s one worry they may not have to worry about,” said Frederick.

The Kansas Food Bank said its partner agencies are seeing a 20 to 25 percent increase in the number of clients they serve. Because of the coronavirus pandemic and stay at home orders to keep it under control, many families are seeking help for the very first time.

“The morning I made that decision, I woke up and heard on the news how many families were impacted. I just looked at Jane and said I’m going to do this; we’re going to do it together,” said Frederick.

They challenge you to give. Big or small, it helps.

“These are unprecedented times and everybody needs assistance,” said Frederick.

Follow this link to donate. Or make a cash donation at any American State Bank drive-thru.