Wichita doctor offers tips to overcome seasonal allergies

As seasons change, allergies could get worst for some people.


Eyewitness News spoke to an allergist about tips to help relieve those allergy symptoms.

Dr. Maurice Van Strickland says right now the main causes for allergies are weeds and mold. When you're exposed to these, they get in your eyes, nose and lungs, causing the allergic reaction.

To relieve the allergies, Strickland said you can stay inside and use your air conditioning. This will protect you because the ac filters the air.

Strickland suggests to keep your windows shut at night. If you leave the windows open, the air coming in could be full of pollens and molds.

He says washing your hair at night could prevent mold from growing in your hair.

Finally, you can try over the counter medications like claritin, eyedrops and nasal spray.

Strickland says if none of these suggestions work, go see a specialst.