Wichita entrepreneur aims for salsa recipe to make it in Costco stores nationwide

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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) A Wichita entrepreneur hopes Super Bowl week pays off for his salsa business. If he sells enough, Costco wants it in 80 of its stores. He says the Chiefs road to a Superbowl can lead to an opportunity of a lifetime for his business.

It's a salsa not only Micheal McCoy's kids enjoy, but now during Super Bowl week his special recipe could make it to the shelves of Costco stores across the country.

"I feel like I was meant for something big, to be able to support my family and not have to go month to month, bill to bill and help other people while I'm doing it would mean a lot," says Michael.

Michael has been making his Mook's salsa for 12 years, his first batches were made in the heart of Kansas City. He says the Chiefs heading to the Super Bowl is a huge win for him too.

"The Chiefs need to win to show that they're a threat, that threat can help me cause I'm a threat, I'm going to take over." says Michael.

Before he can take over, Michael gets a test week at the Wichita Costco where he needs to sell $6,000 in salsa during that week, Sam's Club and Wholesale Foods already sell it.

Michael says this has been an opportunity his family has been waiting for, he says they have sacrificed a lot during his journey. His wife Jennifer says it wasn't easy leaving his to raise their two kids alone.

"He was gone i think at one point for six weeks at a time I just want him to have this," says Jennifer.

Jennifer says they are a team and that their kids mean the world to them, they're trying to leave a legacy, trying to leave something for them.

Michael says if you like to support him he'll be at Wichita's Costco store January 29th to February 2nd.