Wichita looking to change fireworks ordinance

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WICHITA, KAN. (KWCH) It isn't the sparkles of red white and blue on Fourth of July that have Wichitans like Marc Haynes pushing for a change to the city's fireworks ordinance, it's because he says the current rules aren't being followed.

"I have pets that get bothered there's young children trying to sleep and it goes off all hours of the night," Haynes says.

People are currently allowed to set off fireworks with sparks less than 6 feet high for nine days.

Katherine Camden, a Wichita resident agrees and says the current rules aren't working.

"Wichita is the only area I know in the state that doesn't abide by the state regulations, everyone else gets to shoot over 6 feet and we are not allowed to do that and it causes a lot of confusion," Camden says.

The Wichita Fire Department says it's also difficult for them and police to follow through on complaints and fine people in violation of the rules

The city is in talks to amend the current ordinance. discussing ideas like $250 fines for property owners with fireworks violations, designating parks as safe locations to shoot high powered fireworks with emergency crews on site and shortening the days fireworks can be used to five.

Camden likes the idea of using parks.

"It's a great way to get the community together and celebrate Independence Day safely."

But Haynes, a former Wichita firefighter still thinks five days is too long.

"I would concede that point for a one day option as long as people clean up their messes,"Haynes says.

For now, the city will continue gathering feedback from the community with the hopes of soon creating a new rule the majority will be happy with.