Wichita man concerned about wife, son in path of Hurricane Maria

WICHITA, Kan. Rafael Martinez lived in Georgia, New York and Puerto Rico before joining his son and daughter-in-law here in Wichita. He's now a part of the family that installs auto glass across the state.

His last stop before Kansas was Puerto Rico, where his wife and younger son still reside.

"My wife is over there with my son because my son is in college and as soon as he graduates next year he's going to come live with us here," Martinez said.

The island of Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory, is home to more than three million people. It suffered a reported $1 billion in damages after Hurricane Irma.

Martinez has experienced several hurricanes.

"Yes, Hurricane George in 1998, Hurricane Hortense in 1996...and it's tough. It's really tough," Martinez said. "At least in the area that I lived over there, it's like in the mountains...wind blowing. It's horrifying."

Much of Puerto Rico is without power after Hurricane Irma about two weeks ago. Martinez is concerned about both the potential strength of Hurricane Maria as a Category 5 and the already limited resources caused by Irma.

"Well, I believe I have to buy a generator and send it to them because it is expected that the island will be without electricity for a year, Martinez said. "The infrastructure of the island is really bad."