Wichita man dies after overnight motorcycle crash, safety instructor urges riders to "make it home"

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WICHITA, KAN. Police say a 19-year-old man is dead after a motorcycle accident. Emergency crews responded to a call shortly before 1 Saturday morning.The crash was reported to be near harry and west street.

The man is identified as Marcel Williams Jr. by his father Marcel Williams Sr. says he's had close friends who have lost children, that he didn't know what they were going through until he lost his son Saturday morning. Marcel williams senior visited the scene where his son died Saturday afternoon.

"I trusted his riding I watched him ride, I watched him do it he did it he was good." says Williams.

Police say a man was leaving a business in a Toyota and turned onto the road, that's when the 19-year-old crashed into the toyota. Police say the 19 year old and another motorcyclist were racing. Marcel's father says his son had been riding motocycles for about two years.

Williams' father says even as a seasoned rider he couldn't have avoided this incident. Motorcycle safety instructor James Sizemore says the most important part of riding is to make it home safe

"When you go out make sure you have a clear head you're out there to have fun, you wanna make it back home. so i mean it's really not worth it to be doing anything that you like might jeopardize that, so just play it safe," said Sizemore.

James sizemore is a motorcycle safety instructor with Motorcycle Safety Foundation. He urges being careful out on the road. He says it's fun for everyone who wants to go fast but there is always a time and place for it, obviously the street isn't the safest.

Williams says this incident took the life of his first born son.

"It could've happened to anyone, unfortunately it happened to my son," said Williams.