Wichita man gathers donations to help children impacted by ICE raids in Ms.

WICHITA, Kan. After ICE arrested almost 700 people in raids at food plants in Morton, Miss. last week,arguments ensued between those for and those against this kind of enforcement.

More than 300 of those arrested in Mississippi were released the next day, but for one Wichita man, videos of children worrying about their parents hit close to home.

Stepping out of any political debate and looking at the situation as a father, Ricardo Trejo knew he wanted to do something when he saw videos of children crying for their parents.

"We can help these children. It don't matter what we think. It's about what they need right now," Trejo says.

While many families are reunited now, parents impacted by the recent raids in Mississippi likely won't be able to legally work to provide for their children.

Trejo wrote a Facebook post Monday, reaching out for people to join him in trying to help the children in need of support. Donations flooded in.

"I didn't think people would respond like this. This is the first day," he said Monday afternoon.

Specifically, Trejo is collecting necessities like food, water and toiletries for families. He's not stopping there.

"I'm going to drive there," Trejo says.

He's making the trip to Morton, Miss. to drop off the donations himself. Trejo says he's leaving Friday night.