Wichita man worried limited DMV access could impact voter registration

Published: Jun. 17, 2020 at 9:39 PM CDT
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As Kansas slowly reopens in the midst of COVID-19 concerns, the Department of Motor Vehicles is preparing itself for the rush of people looking to update licenses or new plate tags. And it’s doing that by only helping customers with appointments.

A Wichita man who is worried that limited DMV access will impact voter registration.

Christopher Provost-Todaro first learned about the DMV only accepting appointments and no walk-ins, when he lost his license a week ago.

“And I go up to the door and a lady walks out, and she said if you don’t have an appointment, we can’t see you today," Provost-Todaro said.

Provost-Todaro said he was told there weren’t any appointment openings for nearly a month.

After speaking with the DMV employee for several minutes, Provost-Todaro said, “I said to her, I need to drive. I lost my license. If I don’t find it, you’re telling me I have to wait a month to drive?”

Governor Laura Kelly signed an executive order Monday that will help make renewing driver’s licenses easier for people across the state by limiting age restrictions on the web portal. Now instead of driving out to a DMV office, all drivers under the age of 65 will be able to renew their licenses on the online renewal system.

Provost-Todaro also realized with elections coming up; if people can’t get a valid photo-id, they can’t register to vote.

“Come voting time, people are going to be thinking to themselves, ‘I want to vote.’ And today you learn, I can’t vote because I can’t go in and I can’t get my appointment,” he said.

The deadline to register to vote in the August primary is July 14th.

The Kansas Department of Revenue says the public can still register to vote with an expired license.

Governor Kelly’s Executive Order 20-36 extends the expiration date of licenses so there aren't criminal charges for being pulled over with an expired license.

Advice from the Kansas Department of Revenue:

"If Kansans are looking to get a license renewed and can't get into an office, they can download the iKan app on a mobile device or by going to

to do a renewal."

"Yes, you can still register to vote. You can use the Kansas Secretary of State's online voter registration portal even if your Kansas credential is expired. That link is