Wichita man warns of radio station spoofing scam

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) A Wichita man is warning others about a scam so you don't fall for it.

Rich Parkhurst remembers the 80s just like it was yesterday. KFDI did a phone promotion.

"KFDI's gonna make me rich and my friend's family always made me answer that no matter what."

So when a recent call came in with their number, he was immediately interested.

"Instantly I'm sitting there thinking because oh lord have they started that promotion again."

But it turned out, that wasn't the case. Instead it was a scammer trying to get him to divulge valuable information.

He played along for a little while but didn't press anything and eventually the automated message ended.

"It kept repeating ok you need to press one, you need to press two, eventually after about the fifth time it quit, it just hung up on me."

Rich contacted KFDI about the call and came to Eyewitness News because even though they didn't succeed with him, he wants to warn other so they don't end up falling for their tricks.

"And that's primarily what I want to get across to people - is just don't be gullible, it's as simple as that, be defensive treat everyone as if they're trying to pull an over on you cause they are unfortunately."

If you get a call like this or any call you feel is suspicious, hang up immediately.