Wichita mom finds comfort through Wesley NICU cameras

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WICHITA, Kan. Arianna Timmermeyer arrived a little earlier than expected. So early, in fact, that she's spent the first week of her life in Wesley Hospital's neonatal intensive care unit.

Arianna's mother, Holly, can't always stay by her newborn's side. That's why she's grateful Wesley installed 18 cameras for families to be able to see their NICU babies 24/7. The cameras use a stream that can be pulled up via Internet with a computer, phone or tablet.

"Oh, it helps a lot," Holly Timmermeyer said. "It's so hard to have her...to like be apart from her. It's like you just have this beautiful baby and then you can't see her. So it's hard. So it makes it better that you can check on her whenever you want."

Naomi Polk, an RN at Wesley, believes having the NICVIEW cameras gives families peace of mind when they've welcomed a premature or ill child.

"It really promotes bonding right from the start, which they may not have gotten in the past," Polk said. "It also provides privacy for them as well because we do have a secure system of them giving us a passcode and a login information so just the parents are able to access these pictures and video of their babies."

Right now, Polk says there are not enough cameras for every baby in the NICU and mothers must meet special criteria to have a NICVIEW at their baby's bedside. She hopes one day every baby will have a

"I really hope that we can increase the amount that we have so that we can provide them for every baby in the future," Polk said.