Wichita nonprofit falls behind on donations after vandalism to lights display

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WICHITA, Kan. When approaching The Arc Lights you'll find cheerful greetings and a goal to raise money for the 3,900 people they serve for people with disabilities. Some families say vandals are ruining that hope.

"They help so many people so get your own lights, you know so we can have this for years and years to come," said Tami Hoffman.

Organizers with the Arc of Sedgwick County say the season is shorter this year than last. Thanksgiving this year fell on November 28. Arc Lights organizers are
hoping to raise $115,000. Currently they have raised around $12,000.

Earlier this week one popular display was vandalized and organizers worry that people thought the entire light show was not running. Visiting The Arc Lights for the first time Friday, Cesar Garcia says meeting the Grinch is his childhood dream. The funds collected from visitors mean. more for those The Arc benefits..

"It's horrible to take away something like this, especially for what their cause is for like what their raising money for, it's not cool to have that much evil in the world," said Garcia.

Several musical displays are a fan favorite, bringing families out to the Arc Lights. Donations and attendance are down by 50 percent, Executive Director Kevin Fish says that's a concern.

"We don't have a lot of time and so when we saw that traffic slowing down due to the vandalism and stuff it added to that concern," said Fish.

Fish says they've lost more than $10,00 in donations and every dollar counts towards the programs and events for next year.

"We would hate to feel like we to start cutting things back in the next year because we have some sort of short falls," said Fish.

He also says whoever is responsible they hope police arrest the vandals soon, so this doesn't happen to any other charity.

If you're not able to visit The Arc Lights, or if you'd like to provide additional assistance for the Arc of Sedgwick County, you can donate to the nonprofit on its website.