Wichita parents, students, teachers adjust to earlier start times

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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Wednesday marks the first day back in the classroom for most students in the Wichita school district and some will be starting school before the sun comes up.

Classes in the district start 10 minutes earlier for everyone. For schools that start the earliest, this means students will be getting on the bus starting about 6 a.m.

Most families will get up at least an hour before the bus arrives to get ready for the day.

Allison Magnet Middle School is among the USD-259 schools with the earliest start times.

Sixth-grade student Tatyana Hollins had her first day at Allison on Tuesday. She says her bedtime Monday night was 7 p.m.

Her grandmother knows Tatyana needs plenty of sleep with the adjusted start time. The Wichita school district moved up the start time 10 minutes from last year, allowing students to also get out 10 minutes earlier.

Allison Magnet Middle School starts a full hour earlier than other non-magnet middle schools in the district.

The first bell at Allison Middle School rings at 6:50 a.m. and students get out at 2:30 p.m.

Shaye Kindrick, a parent of an Allison sixth-grader says she prefers the schedule adjustment from last year because it allows her child to head home a little earlier.

"I would rather get there 10 minutes earlier and get home 10 minutes earlier," she says.

Allison Principal Mitch Linn says students do well to adjusting their schedules to be alert and ready to go early.

"I will tell you, we can't make the argument (against the schedule change) here, at least at Allison," Linn says, "Year after year our kids perform well."