Wichita plumber offers tips to prevent high water bill

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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) We told you last week about a Wichita woman whose water bill was $900 for the month of August.

Her normal bill is around $40.

The city's Public Works office said the spike in her bill was likely due to a leaky toilet, but the woman still doesn't know if that's what caused the spike.

Leaky toilets are a silent, but expensive problem many homeowners won't even know they have until they see their water bill.

Sean Beale, owner of Wichita Plumbing Co says there are signs you can look for both inside and outside that can indicate if you have a leak.

"If you have water moving in the bowl and you haven't flushed in a while then you probably have something going on that's leaking in the tank, right now I'm looking at this meter and there is no turning on the blue dial and so once we turn any water on or if they had a leak we would see that dial start to turn a bit," said Beale.

Beale says leaky toilets don't necessarily leak all the time depending on the last flush and adds many of the problems are easy and inexpensive fixes like replacing a flapper or valve, that in the long run will help you save water, and money.