Wichita police, Home Depot team up to crack down on car break-ins

Published: Nov. 13, 2019 at 4:35 PM CST
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What would you do if you saw someone trying to break into a vehicle in the parking lot of a store where you were shopping?

Wichita police were out Wednesday morning testing the theory at the Home Depot located on Woodlawn and K-96.

A man was standing out of cars looking inside. He then tried to get into the vehicles. When he couldn't get into one car, he would move on to the next. His goal was to get caught -- because he's actually an officer.

One shopper named Jonah said his truck has been broken into before. So, when he saw the man going from vehicle to vehicle, he let him know that police were on their way.

"If you see something say something. It always helps out," said Jonah. "We keep tools in the back of our truck and we like to have our trust that nobody's going to snatch them up."

Police say they have seen an uptick in thefts from cars especially in business parking lots. They hope efforts like this will remind people to be more vigilant.

"It's Christmas season and thieves get real busy because they don't work," said Pastor Larry Barber, who was also out shopping. "Their whole thing is how much can I get from you for nothing.

The Wichita Police Department and Home Depot rewarded Jonah and Pastor Barber for reporting the suspicious character to the store.

Police say if you see someone suspicious while you're out shopping, either tell the store or call 911.

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