Wichita police: Thieves pretending to be contractors burglarize N. Riverside home

Published: Jul. 12, 2019 at 9:43 PM CDT
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The Wichita Police Department says two men pretending to be contractors for a tree-trimming service used the ploy to burglarize a woman's home in the city's north Riverside neighborhood.

Police say the men targeted a resident who lives on a lot that backs up to the river. They say the men told the woman they needed access to her backyard. One of the fake contractors then distracted the woman while the other went into her home and stole property.

"Just a reminder, you should ask for identification if anyone comes to your door and says they need access to your property," police say. The City of Wichita, Westar, Kansas Gas, Cox (Cable) etc... employees should all have some sort of official identification on them. If someone says they are a contractor for the City of Wichita, Cox, etc..., they should still have identification or paperwork showing they are supposed to be there."

Police say you should feel free to call 911 if you're not sure a person at your door claiming to a contractor is legitimate.

"(The Wichita Police Department) will gladly come out to check and the employee contractor should have no problem patiently waiting," police say.

The Better Business Bureau also warns that people in areas heavily hit by storms need to be on alert as these situations

These usually involve the "contractor" collecting money for work without finishing the job.