Two charged in stabbing death of 86-year-old man

Published: Apr. 29, 2017 at 8:48 AM CDT
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UPDATE (Wednesday, May 3):

Two people arrested in the death of 86-year-old Otto Meyer were charged in Sedgwick County District Court Friday. Yvonne Mosqueda and Boe Wayne Adams each face charges of aggravated robbery, theft, and first-degree murder.

Mosqueda is charged with 1 count of aggravated robbery, 1 count of theft, and 1 count of first-degree murder. Adams is charged with 1 count of aggravated robbery, 2 counts of theft, 1 count of first-degree murder and 1 count of forgery.

The bond for both suspects was set at $250,000.


UPDATE (5 p.m.)

Neighbors of Otto Meyer says he owns the property on North Chautauqua where he was found dead Friday. Officers arrived on the scene and found the 86-year-old dead from multiple stab wounds.

Neighbors say Meyer was trying to rent out the property to new tenants. After seeing a photo of the two people accused in Meyer's death, one neighbor says he saw the pair with Meyer Friday.

"On the porch. Talking normally without a care in the world, showing the place to them," the neighbor says. "They went inside and that's the last I saw of them.'

Police say the suspects also stole Meyers' truck. Monday, they described how the suspects, Boe Wayne Adams and Yvonne Mosqueda, were arrested.

Police say Adams tried to cash a check with Meyer's forged name on it near Pawnee and Seneca. Speedy Cash says it happened about 1 p.m. Saturday.

The business says it has a strict verification process for new customers and will typically call the bank or check maker to verify. In this case, the bank had a flag on Meyer's account, saying Meyer had died.

Speedy Cash immediately called police.

Police say Adams tried to run, but officers quickly caught him. Masqueda drove away, but officers pulled her over and arrested her shortly after.


UPDATE (11:12 a.m.)

Wichita police say the stabbing death of an 86-year-old man on Friday does not appear to be a random act of violence.

Eyewitness News confirmed that Boe Wayne Adams and Yvonne Mosqueda were arrested in connection with the crime. Both are charged with first-degree murder and robbery. Adams is being held on two bonds - one for $250,000 for forgery and another for $2,500 for theft.

Police say an employee of Otto Meyer found him dead on Friday in a home on North Chautauqua. He had multiple stab wounds. Police say Meyer owned the home but did not live there.

When asked if Meyer was showing the home to Adams and Mosqueda or what the relationship between the suspect and victims was, police would not comment.

Police say Meyer's stolen 1989 Chevy was also located in an apartment complex parking lot near Lawrence Dumont Stadium.


UPDATE (7:19 a.m.)

Wichita Police arrested two people in connection to an 86-year-old man found stabbed to death inside his Wichita home Friday.

Arrests records show Boe Wayne Adams and Yvonne Mosqueda were both arrested on charges of first-degree murder and aggravated robbery. Adams faces several other charges and is being held on a $2,500 bond.

UPDATE (9:03 p.m.)

Wichita Police Sgt. Nikki Woodrow confirmed two people have been detained for questioning in regards to this case.

Woodrow said no arrests have been made at this time. It is not clear yet who was arrested.

Detectives are still working the case, but Woodrow added they are not looking for anyone else at this time.


UPDATE (7:41 p.m.)

Wichita Police say Meyer's truck has been found. Officers said they can't yet say where it was found, how it was found or if there were any arrests.

Sergeant Nikki Woodrow said she would give an update tomorrow morning, hopefully with more information.


UPDATE (3:20 p.m.)

Wichita Police say 86-year-old Otto Meyer was found dead with multiple stab wounds inside his home Friday afternoon.

Neighbor Nancey Jantz lives right across the street.

"It's bad to know it's that close," Jantz said.

She said Meyer owned the home and rented it out. Jantaz and her son say Meyer was fixing up the property and looking for another tenant. They found out what happened when construction crews showed up to the home.

"They came and told us they basically found him on the ground," James Jantaz said. "Blood from the kitchen to the bedroom. Like he was dragged or he crawled."

The Jantazs say Meyer had shown the home to potential tenants Friday.

He had a young couple go into the house with him," Nancey said. "A guy and a gal."

Wichita Police say the suspects also stole Meyer's truck.

"He was a gentle old man," Nancey said. "For somebody to take advantage of that it's just really cruel. And for them to not have a conscience. I hope they catch him and give them the worst."

The Wichita Police Department is asking for the public's help in locating the victim's truck. It's a 1989 Chevy, two toned, maroon top and silver on bottom extended cab long bed pickup with Kansas 320 JWN.


UPDATE: neighbors tell Eyewitness News that the 86-year-old man who owns the home had been renting the property off Chautauqua for 30 years.

They also say he was fixing it up to find new tenants.

"I'm real upset over it," said Nancey Jantz, a neighbor. "I've known him for a long time. He's just trying to make his living, and for somebody to take him out like that and have no reason for doing it and to steal his car on top of that. It's bad to know it's that close."

Eyewitnesses say the man was showing the home to two people in their 20's Friday.

We will know more information after the Wichita Police briefing Monday.


Police found an 86-year-old man stabbed to death inside his Wichita home.

Officers were called to a home on North Chautauqua Friday afternoon. They found the body of the homeowner, Otto Meyer, 86, with multiple stab wounds.

Investigators said someone stole Meyer's vehicle from the home. The vehicle is a 1989 two-toned Chevy. Officers are looking for the maroon and silver, extended cab long bed pickup truck with the Kansas tag "320 JWN".

Police are investigating this death as a homicide.