Wichita police officer raises more than $1,000 for 76-year-old purse-snatching victim

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) A Wichita Police Officer is making us Kansas Proud after he helped raise more than a $1,000 to help a woman who was the victim of a purse snatching.

(Source: Officer Jason Lane)

Officer Jason Lane posted about the incident on his Facebook page July 9. He said the 76-year-old, Carolea Creekmore, called 911 on July 4 to report she was walking home from a family member's house when two men ran up behind her and took her purse from her walker.

Creekmore explained to Lane that she had cashed her social security check and all the money was in that purse. She was going to use the money for her rent and to turn her electricity back on because it had been off for 3 days.

Lane says as he drove her home, and stopped to get her food and something to drink before getting her back to her apartment.

"Once at her apartment, we opened the windows to provide a little relief from the heat," he said. "I have already taken upon myself to contact the electric company and pay to turn her power back on but would like any assistance I can get to help this woman with other bills.'

That's all he needed to say.

Lane said he raised about $1,500 in two days to help Creekmore."

That helped pay her rent through August and he paid her electric bill out of his own pocket, but he also donated a new mattress after hearing where she was sleeping.

"Sleeping in a chair was causing more pain than it was good, so now that she has a bed, she's more comfortable and able to sleep better," Lane says.

Creekmore says the officer's good deeds didn't end with the mattress donation. He also took the time to set it up, leaving her with one less thing to worry about.

"I cried and I hugged him," she says. "I didn't want to let him go and you know, he just... he's just fantastic."

Lane says he 's thankful he was able to solicit enough help to keep Creekmore in her home and to keep her lights on.