Wichita police officer receives Helping Hand to benefit other officers in need

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WICHITA, Kan. When tragedy hits, Kansans rally together. That's what happened this past February for Wichita Police Officer Brian Arterburn after he was run over.

Because of the community support, the organization helping him is now able to help even more people.

Before February 7, 2017, Wichita Police Officer Brian Arterburn was not a household name in the Air Capital. Neither was the Honore Adversis Foundation.

The Honore Adversis Foundation is the non-profit organization, initially for WPD officers who were in need of critical and timely financial assistance.

As the community rallied around Officer Arterburn, the foundation gathered all the money that began to pour in.

"It was overwhelming, humbling. Numerous individuals, corporations, organizations contacted us asked us what they could do," said Paul Zamorano, a Wichita Police Officer and former President of the police union.

Zamorano started the Honore Adversis Foundation in February 2016.

Since then the foundation has helped a handful of officers, the most public was Officer Arterburn.

Because of all the good Zamorano and the foundation are doing, Eyewitness News and DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers gave him $1,200 to put towards the fund to help in their mission to help others in neede.

"I just can't put words to it," Zamorano said when he found out the good news. "Thank you, that's all I can really say. We are grateful for your contribution to the Honore Adversis Foundation."

The Honore Adversis Foundation is now able to provide critical and timely financial assistance and services to any municipal - county or state law enforcement agencies in Sedgwick County.

There's another fundraiser coming up on Veterans Day November 11th to benefit the Honore Adversis Foundation and the Wichita Firefighters Fund to help officers and firefighters experiencing unexpected financial expenses.

It's a boxing match November 11th at 7:00 p.m. at the Wichita Sports Forum at 2668 N. Greenwich.