Wichita police officer steps in to help woman mow lawn

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) A Wichita police officer went above and beyond to help a woman mow her lawn earlier this week.

Pat Gonzales has been mowing her lawn for a longtime by herself, but on Tuesday she got some unexpected help from a officer.

"He said he driven by and saw me mowing. That's when he got gas and said he just had to come back," Gonzales said.

The 72-year-old woman says Officer Josh Lewis volunteered to mow her yard because he told her if that was his aunt or grandma he would hope someone would stop by and help them too.

Gonzales says what she appreciates most about the officer's help is that he was off duty when he did the good deed.

"Just to come after work and to do that, which might seem like a small thing but but it’s a big thing," Gonzales said. "That’s the big part, it wasn’t some scheduled event, he was just gonna do it and go on his merry way. Not only did he not expect any praise, he didn’t want any."

The officer says he just wants others to pay it forward, but for Gonzales it's this kind of gesture she wants everybody to know.

"It was a really special experience, I don't plan on being on TV more about it, but I will be telling people," Gonzales said.