KS PROUD: Wichita police save Christmas

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Wichita police are used to responding to burglaries, but Officer Randy Gorges says one night before Christmas left a woman without gifts to give.

"She was trying to hold back tears and she was very worried her grandchildren weren't going to get any presents the next day," says Randy Gorges.

Wichita police, Sedgwick County dispatchers, Children's Home and Walmart quickly raised $500 dollars to replace the gifts.

"I was very moved at how generous people were, and how quick the response was."

Officer Gorges is away from his family as he works Christmas but this experience was a gift in itself.

"It is hard working Christmas Day, but it is also nice to get out there and help people, help the community who really do need help. It's difficult, but it is rewarding also."

Wichita police hope this inspires more giving across the community.

"I hope that it just inspires people to be generous and thoughtful of others, and may we all have a very Merry Christmas."

Police haven't made any arrests in that burglary, and also did search the neighborhood for any possible video of the crime.