Standoff near North HS ends peacefully

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Update 5:15 p.m.:

Wichita police say the standoff near North High School has ended peacefully, although police say a suspect in this case was injured.

Police say that suspect was transported to a local hospital with injuries they say were self-inflicted.

Earlier Thursday afternoon, a woman and four children were safely removed from the home. Police say the responded to the home on Avenue C near 13th and Waco for a report of a man threatening himself, the woman and those children.

For hours, SWAT team members worked to contact the suspect inside the home.

"e continued to communicate with him and w hen communication started to break down, we utilized technology that we have - and we did locate him having caused some severe injury to himself," Wichita Police Public Information Officer Charley Davidson says. "After observing that we were able to go in and provide life-saving services to this individual, get him to a hospital to get medical treatment."

No shots were fired by either the suspect or responding officers, police say. The woman and children involved in the incident were not injured.


Wichita police are on the scene of a standoff near North High School.

It started around 12:50 p.m. in the at a residence in the 400 block of West Avenue C

Officer Charley Davidson, a spokesman for the Wichita Police Department, said someone called to say a man was threatening himself, a woman and her four children with a handgun.

Davidson said officers arrived and were able to safely get the woman and children out of the home.

Right now, officers are working to make contact with the man. SWAT has also been activated.

"We'll continue to utilize our time and distance and communication to end this situation peacefully," said Davidson.

He said the public should avoid the area because it will be shut down for some time.

"Waco is open, but between Waco and Rochester - from 15th south to 13th that general area is going to be closed off for some time as we continue to investigate," said Davidson.

He said the main goal is to keep everyone safe.

Staff members who were working inside North High School have been released to go home.