Wichita sees impact of hosting NCAA tournament

Published: Apr. 1, 2018 at 9:20 PM CDT
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As the NCAA tournament comes to a close, some Wichitans are looking back at the experience.

Even though Wichita hosted the tournament a few weeks ago, business managers say people were so impressed with the experience, they kept coming back for more and in turn helping their businesses.

Look around Old Town and you'll see reminders of the first and second rounds of the NCAA tournament in Wichita.

Business managers in the area say it's an experience they won't forget.

"It was really busy. It was great to have the people walking around in between games and then coming in and then we also had normal people who didn't have tickets just sitting and watching the games," says Micayla Orth.

Hannah Stevens with Public say after the initial rounds people kept coming back for more.

"I would say there was a lot of foot traffic coming in and out and a lot of out-of-towners stopped in and tried us out.And we actually had some returning customers that decided to stop in twice. So it was pretty good for business I would say overall," says Stevens.

The managers don't know for sure how much business increased but they can say they saw more people.

"I would probably say overall it's doubled our business, especially with how the weather's been holding on to winter a little bit longer."

Now, businesses hope more people believe in Wichita's ability to host major events.

"I think we definitely impressed the fans from out of town because you know people weren't expecting a lot from Wichita and from the feedback we got, they were really enjoying themselves and had a good time," says Kat Gasaell.

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