Wichita students head back to school

WICHITA , Kan. (KWCH) Over 50,000 Wichita students head back to school today.

This year, the school day will start ten minutes earlier.

Jackson Elementary Principle Lynn Duvall says the intention is to beat a little bit of the afternoon traffic and get to after school activities sooner.

Middle and high school start at either 6:50 or 7:50 depending on the school. Students will be dismissed at either 2:30 or 3:30.

Most elementary schools start at 8:50 and get out at 4:30. There are high expectations to make sure you check your school to be sure of the start time.

You can find those on our website on the Back to School page.

The Wichita School Board approved these earlier start and dismissal times back in June.

Duvall says the new start and dismissal times could take some getting used to.

"I think initially just as parents adjust to what time it is their kids are supposed to be here. We really emphasize being to school on time everyday because that learning does start at 8:50 and there may be some adjustments there with parents remebering exactly what time the kids are supposed to be here and the same with dismissal," she says.