Wichita students kicked off bus, left in the cold

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) One Wichita father is looking for answers after his 15-year-old daughter has kicked off her school bus and left in the cold.

Robert Walker says his 15-year-old daughter called him in a panic Friday morning.

The girl says she and a few other kids were involved in a fight, but she and another girl were kicked-off the bus and left.

Walker says he immediately called his daughter's school, Wichita Southeast, and officials called another bus to pick her up the girls and drive them to school. Both girls waited inside a laundromat near Webb and Lincoln until the other bus arrived.

"I feel like they kind of dropped the ball here. I should've been able to communicate with them what was going on because when she finally makes it to school, they don't treat it like it's a problem that they ran into with the bus driver, they treat it like she's just coming in late," said Walker.

His daughter Robin said the incident started when she and another girl on the bus were physically fighting with a boy on the bus.

She said the bus driver spoke with them about the fight, but after the two girls continued to argue with the bus driver. Robin said that's when the driver told them to get off the bus. She said once they were off, he closed the bus doors and drove off.

"He was yelling at me and I was basically saying I didn't know why I need to get off the bus," she said.

Wichita Public Schools issued the following statement about the incident:

"The First Student bus behavior goes against our policy and was not safe for our students. We have been working with First Student to investigate and First Student will take appropriate disciplinary action to make sure it doesn't happen again."

We reached out to First Student to find out if any disciplinary action was taken against the bus driver, but we have not heard back.